Le Marais

Today we decided to take a walk through the Marais.   We got out of the train and saw how summer school should really be taught.  Right on the bank of the Seine river.

We roughly followed a walking tour we found online.  Starting at the Hotel de Sens (where Queen Margot had numerous love affairs) and through the covered passageways and courtyards of the St. Paul Village, even in Paris, Raf will manage to find a bear.
Can you see those prices?
They actually taste as good as they look!
No longer a deli, but a clothing store.


Anonymous said...

miss you- remember me when you go real estate shopping. besos- and hola to raf.


Anonymous said...

More pics please. More food pics and descriptions. Wine data; prices, places ,etc. please. Love the blog..can't get enough...keep it coming. It's so tres chic there......bejo Suzanne