Here's the run down if you are planning to visit...

Here are some of our favorites if you are planning to visit San Fran...

Annabelle's (for good bar/bistro food), La Folie (French Contemporary), Sons and Daughters (our fav), Swan Oyster Depot (only open during the day, very casual, freshest seafood), Polk Street (lots of restaurants, mostly locals), Amber (Indian Buffet)

Kabuki Springs (beautiful), Foot Reflexology( great Chinese style foot massages)

Hikes and Walks
The Land's End Walk (start at Sutro Baths), Muir Woods (Ben Johnson Trail back on Dipsea Trail)

Lunch at V Sattui


La Folie

My sister-in-law, Camille recommended La Folie and we weren't disappointed.  The food was amazing.  It was a bit more expensive than Sons and Daughters (and the lamb at Sons and Daughters is still my favorite) but the service here was impeccable. Although Raf continues to make me self conscious when I take pictures of my food, I noticed that everyone in the restaurant was doing the same.  These presentations are really works of art and need to be shared.


We've been before but this time we didn't drive.  We took a one day tour that returned on the ferry from Vallejo(where I lost my phone). We don't usually do tours but I'm glad we did because our tour guide, Jerry taught us a few new things.  We even met the monopoly man.


Muir Woods

This is not the first time we visited Muir Woods, but each time it is no less  magical. There are numerous trails.  This time, we walked through the redwoods to the Ben Johnson trail and returned via the Dipsea trail.  It was a pretty steep climb but well worth it.  On the way up we walked through the redwood trees and on the way down we walked through grasslands with many scenic viewpoints.


Beatiful Views

We have a beautiful view from our hotel at the top of Nob Hill.  Our window overlooks Grace Cathedral.  Feels like we are on top of the world.  But then again, it's hard not to find eye candy here no matter where you look.


Sons and Daughters Restaurant San Francisco

Got a great rec from a local and headed to Sons and Daughters on  Bush Street.  I can't begin to tell you how yummy everything was.  From the first taste of the amuse-bouche to the end of the meal.  It says on the limited menu, 4 courses...$58. Sounded reasonable so we went for it.  I wonder if everyone is  treated so well (we got more than 4 courses), and I can honestly say this was the best lamb I have ever eaten.  Beautiful presentation which included some of those molecular gastronomy techniques and delicious food.  The combination of ingredients were unique, which made the flavors so much more interesting.  Chef Moriarty was waiting to bid us farewell on our way out too.


San Francisco

Okay, okay, okay...I  will attempt to blog (if you all stop bugging me) although it is difficult on this trip.  Our conference was a success but I like to write in the morning and I haven't had one free yet.  Tomorrow it's off to Napa bright and early once again.  We've had some great meals, massages (foot massages of course), and the weather has been beyond beautiful.  Stay tuned...