Red Bull Crashed Ice

There are always interesting events happening in Quebec City and this weekend the city is home to Red Bull Crashed Ice.  Honestly, we'd never heard of this event but were curious to check it out.  It is described on their website as..." a combination of of icehockey, downhill skating and boardercross. At speeds of up to 50 km/h, the skaters will take racing in the ice track full of turns, jumps and underpasses. Crash-landings are guaranteed in this head-to-head race, for only the two fastest contestants in each heat qualify for the next round."
The course, a giant ice roller coaster, winds through the entire city.  Unfortunately, we didn't get the best pictures of the city due to the scaffolding and equipment everywhere but it made our visit a bit more fun.

A Word About the Toronto Airport

Its crazy, all the news lately about the looooonng lines to get through customs in Toronto.  Passengers claimed 3 hours, officials said it was closer to 90 minutes.  All I know is that it was probably the best experience we've ever had.  We were the first off the plane and waited about 30 seconds.  A fluke?  Maybe.