Last days in Provence

After that long drive to the riviera, we decided to put the visit to the Gorges du Verdun, the grand canyon of France, on hold for the next trip.  Honestly, I just can't sit in a car for that long for so many days in a row.  So we hung around Lourmarin sleeping late, exploring the countryside, cooking and dancing in the streets.  Yes...our last night, it's about 9:30 and we were just finishing up our dinner with our new favorite Banon cheese when we heard live blues coming from down the street.  We were at Cafe Gaby 10 minutes later watching a very good street band sing a mix of reggae, swing and french songs.  Before long, everyone was dancing in the street, old, young, even the dogs.  That was a grand finale!
We prepared to leave the next morning and received several visitors who came to say goodbye.  First, a bee flew into the window.  It insisted on following me around the house making it very difficult to pack.  Then a little bird came inside.  It had been making a nest in a nearby window and we thought it would be stuck inside but it too eventually flew out the window.  Good bye Lourmarin, we'll be back!