Every summer Avignon is home to a theater festival that attracts the best of world contemporary theater to the ancient city. People were performing in the streets, you couldn't see the walls through the posters. Every inch of fence and sidewalk was devoted to getting us to see one performance or another. We visited the Palais of the Popes, where the 14th century popes lived and an old Synagogue that is still used today.
Avignon is an old, walled city with the narrowest streets we've seen. We didn't realize until we were leaving that we should have parked our car outside the walls. We rented a VW Golf, but it seemed like we were in a Chevy Suburban. We did our best not to hit any pedestrians while driving half on the curb. At first we couldn't find our way out as the streets seemed to get more and more narrow. We even stopped to ask locals and they didn't know the way out either. Needless to say, we managed to find our way...but it wouldn't have been so bad having to stay there a few days.


I like to wake up and work on this blog in the morning.  It's always nice and quiet.  I sit in front of the open window, drink my coffee and listen to the birds.  The sky is a beautiful blue, that matches the color of the shutters of the surrounding buildings and its the coolest temperature of the day.
We have a small patio or walled in garden in front of our house.  It opens on to a fountain in a little courtyard.  Today, I heard a bit of a commotion out front and found this colorful scene when I opened the door.  They were all friendly, waving and happy to have their picture taken.