Everything we've eaten in Quebec so far has been delicious, as we had expected.  We were curious about this poutine we heard so much about. Although it can be had at BK, and most other fast food locals, we were told to try it a place called AshTon.  Basically, it is fries with cheese curds on top, slathered in brown gravy.  The mini size was a meal for each of us.  A million calories but yummy.  I heard they are making "haute" poutine in some places with ingredients such as truffle oil but I think our curiosity was satisfied.


Coming from Miami, where it is too hot to even try on a pair of boots let alone a down jacket, I was just a bit worried that I may not be warm enough spending hours walking the streets of Vieux Quebec.  This and the comments from almost everyone when we mentioned where we were headed.  "OMG it's freezing there, how could you be going at this time of year?" My sis suggested we buy those hand and foot warmers that were on sale at Target for one dollar, and we did.  Let me remind you that Raf and I love the change of seasons so we weren't too worried. 
The weather has been beautiful since we got here.  In the 30's, but very comfortable.  We broke out the hand warmers today to see what they were about (forgot we had them yesterday) and WOW do those things get hot.  Didn't need the gloves and had to let the hands escape the pockets on several occasions.  Snow and all the weather is perfect.

Quebec City

Our first choice this spring break was Vietnam, but after a little bit of research, we decided to save that trip for when we had more than one week to travel. It's been pretty warm this Miami winter so we figured we'd head north to Montreal and Quebec City. At least I'd be able to wear my boots and Raf would have an opportunity to practice his French. 
Unfortunately, after a flight delay, we missed the bus leaving from Montreal to QC and as a result lost one day to travel.  Famished when we finally arrived, we found the closest pub (showing the hockey game of course) and finished off 2 steak frites, with real dijon mustard too!
Our hotel is in the heart of Vieux Quebec and within walking distance of almost everything we want to see.  Night...