Sun Peaks

We were told its best to stop at Kamloops on the way to Jasper. Since I booked most of our travel online though Hotwire, I got a 5 star resort in SunPeaks, the Delta Sun Peaks resort. It’s about half an hour from Kamloops but since Kamloops didn’t look to enticing, we decided to check it out. (It has been a beautiful drive so far. The mountains change all the time. Sometimes it is so lush and green but at other time it looks like the desert. )
When we entered our rooms there was a strange odor. I was about to ask for a different room but we realized when we walked out the door that that was the smell of the resort. Not sure yet if it is chlorine or water or mold….. Anyway, we headed out, after a salad at the bar, for a walk. The featured band in the courtyard was performing Abba, in full gear and all the guest and their kids were dancing about. We followed our ears… some good rock and roll but there were signs posted everywhere that said private party. We tried to crash the wedding but managed to get ourselves promptly kicked out. We opted for the bar across the way that had big screen TV’s with girls wrestling in goo. Did get a good tip on a hike to a waterfall. Looking forward to the morning.
Okay...the hike tip was worth it. Here are some pics of the waterfall, the mist on our faces was just what we needed to wake up for the long drive ahead.


Whistler is a very pretty place, lots of outdoor activities. Had a great time watching everyone coming down the mountain on bikes. We discovered Lost Lake and did a few hikes in Lost Lake Park. It seems everyone who live here heads to the lake on sunny days. Unfortunately, due to the heavy snow, the trails heading down from the gondola were closed. We had great lunches on outdoor terraces and an awesome dinner at Araxi the night before we left. The menu had just changed and everything looked so good I decided on 3 small plates. Each was delicious, a steak tartar, seafood ceviche, and a dungeness crab roll, Raf had a perfectly prepared ribeye.

En Route to Whistler

Just realized that our favorite scifi shows are filmed here. Keep running into Battlestar Galactica actors in restaurants and on the street. Had a great lunch at Glowbal Satay Bar and headed to Whistler. It seem our first day in each city is rainy and cold. Then…the sun comes out and everything sparkles. We are told by everyone that we bring the Miami weather. No problem, plenty of pubs showing the soccer match for those rainy days.
Sunny pictures to follow.