Last Day in Paris

Modern technology is truly amazing.  Today we decided to sit at a sidewalk cafe and do some people watching.  I brought my computer since it was a wifi (wee fee in French) zone.  I was chatting with a friend in Barcelona, a student in Rome and my niece in Miami all at the same time.  It doesn't get much better than this.   A quick stroll on the Champs Elysee to see whats going on with the electric cars.  Pretty kewl stuff.
It is was a great time in Paris.  Got to have dinner with the family.  It's always too long in between seeing them, but always much to catch up on when we do.


E said...

love the pictures. It looks and sounds like you are having a great time...

jmuhtar said...

Hi Steph and Raf great to see you are having a good time. It might be a while until we can make it over there so thanks for letting us live vicariously with all these great pictures! Emi and Elise say hi. Have a good trip down south... C&J

Steve said...

It looks like you made the most of your time in the City of Light. Loved the picture of the liquor store.

Tropical Storm Bonnie was more like a thunderstorm here.



Zoé d'Hauthuille said...

Hey Steph and Rafi!
It's Zoé. Elise's daughter... and your old student :)
How could you guys not let us know you were in France?!
We've been here for 3 weeks! When you were in Provence, you totally could have come stayed with us for a few days! Where are you guys now? I'll be in Paris thursday night...
have you left yet ?
contact me on facebook!

gros bisous :))