Paris , Day 2

We were excited to be here once again for les Soldes, but as our friends warned us, the pickings were slim.  It seems when the sales start here in Paris, everyone runs out to fight for their previously identified items on the first day.  Oh well, not much luck there.  So after a delicious 2 hour French lunch at a sidewalk cafe, we headed to the Opera Garnier.  Although we come to Paris every year, we have never been inside.
It was very beautiful, and we could just imagine what it was like watching an opera with everyone all decked out.


Much to our disappointment, our favorite restaurant was closed for the summer and in the mood for bistro food we chose Bistrot Melac.  (I know it seems that a lot of what we write is about food, after all, we are in France.  Luckily, we've been walking everywhere and have a 4 floor hike up to the apartment where we are staying.) When we walked in were were handed an extensive menu of wines we had never heard of, with very reasonable prices.  Good food, GREAT cheese and since they were short staffed the owner Jacques Melac asked us to assist behind the bar.  Just kidding, but he is a jovial character with a wonderful moustache and we had a great time!

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