The Perfect Day

Today after visiting the town of Aix en Provence,  we reconnected with family friends who were former students as well, from Miami, who spend every summer about 5 minutes from the city at their family estate.  Apparently, this home has been in their family for generations and it is idyllic.  Exactly what I envision when I think of moving here...tree lined drive leading to the house, a pool in front that more resembles a beautiful rectangular fountain next to a colorful pigeonniere, lots of room for the everyone, a personal chapel, a game room equipped with foosball and a karaoke machine for the kids like Raf, enough land to grow, among other things grapes, a museum which includes one of Marie Antoinette's dresses, an outdoor kitchen and 2 large tables outside, under very old trees, to sit and enjoy the local rose and whatever fresh items were purchased at the market that day.  Oh well, I can dream, can't I?

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Anonymous said...

By the way, tha's all I drink when it comes to Roses....I only drink French 'cause it's so damn good...scuse the french. I buy really excellent ones from Total Wine.
Thank you for the gorgeous photos and FOOD and market photos *and all the other photos, but of course...you make me salivate. The museum looks cool as heck...I gotta go to these places..
Keep 'em coming...xoxo suz