Da Nang and Marble Mountain

We drove through Da Nang, past the remains of the American Air Base and stopped at Marble Mountain.   Guest houses and resorts that are being built everywhere along China Beach home of the famous evacuation hospital, where American Soldiers came to recover. We took the elevator up ( an eye sore on the side of the mountain) to the first level.  At first we were a bit disappointed.  The view was nothing special and it seemed like just another pretty pagoda, but as we began to explore it became more interesting.  There were tons of little passages and caves.  Some tiny and some huge like the one with the big buddha.  We found out that the caves served as one of the bases for the Vietcong which has a good look right on to the beach.  The narrow, steep, slippery steps made us glad we opted to take the lift up but we used them on the way down. 

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This looks very amazing