Cassis and Marseille

Took the long trek to Cassis because we wanted to visit somewhere on the coast.  Le Calanques, the Mediterranean fjords, looked beautiful when we did our research and we hoped worth the drive.  Also, Raf wanted to make a stop close by in Marseille since he claims Marseille will be his future futbol (socccer) team when we move here.  Upon arrival we could feel the difference between the country and the coast.  Lots more tourists here and all with great tans.  People really don't believe I live in Miami.  Had  a fantastic lunch, a beautiful salad and grilled sardines, then hopped on a boat to visit 8 of the calanques ( you can choose to visit 3, 5 or 8)  We headed out and the clouds rolled in. It rained for half of the 1.5 hr. boat ride but we still sat outside and the pics didn't come out too bad. Back to the port and of course out comes the sun.  


Anonymous said...

Looks and sounds like you are having an amazing time!!


Anonymous said...

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