Jasper Day Two

July 1 – Canada Day
Since we will not be home for the 4th of July we decided to celebrate Canada Day with the locals. We started the day in the park for pancake breakfast $2 for pancakes, sausage, coffee and OJ. You could bring your own plates; many locals did, or buy a completely biodegradable set for $1. (The utensils were made from potato, felt like plastic, and everything went right into the compost pile.)
Left the festivities in town for a quick hike to Lake Edith. This is a quiet lake that is partly residential (beautiful log homes along part of the lake). We had the trail to ourselves except for a man we stumbled upon, playing his guitar and singing. Lovely.
Tired of pubs, we opted for a bit more upscale and lucked out with Papa George’s. It was about time to go local…bison, venison, and elk. Tried them all and they were each yummy. Beautifully prepared.
Watched a bit of the fireworks at 11:15, through the drops of rain and hit the sack.

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