Icefields Parkway

Left Jasper today and took the most amazing drive on the Icefields Pkwy. The first stop was Athabasca Falls. These falls are right off the highway but quite impressive as you can see from the first picture. Stop two, Lower Sunwapta Falls and too many tourists to get any good shots. Last stop on the drive was Stanley Falls. This was by far the most fun and we had the entire trail to ourselves. In fact, we almost missed it because there are no signs or markings that lead to the trail. This trail feels remote even though its not too far from the highway. The path passes a series of 8 waterfalls. We saw this little guy, a pine marten I think, in the tree on the way up. Check out those claws.
The rest of the drive, well lets just say they call it the Icefields Parkway for a reason.
Great dinner at Saltlik and a walk around the town. Night.

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JM said...

Awesome landscapes!
Beautifull parks!