Day One: Getting used to the pace here has taken us a few days. Everything seems much slower. At least slower than NY, Miami and most places we usually go on vacation. Actually, it’s probably just what we need to get us into mountain mode.
Leave it to us, however to find the happening places in any city. We managed to cover a lot of ground in 3 days on foot. Our hotel is centrally located and when we arrived after having gotten up at 3 am, and traveling for what seemed like hours, we opted for a walk on Robson Street and Chinese fast food at Hon’s. Sun sets at 9:30.
Day Two: Wednesday morning we were ready to explore. After walking through Yaletown we headed to False Creek and jumped on an aqua bus to Granville Island. If I lived here it would have to be close to this market. Truly a foodie’s paradise, everything from home made stocks at the “Stock Market”, to the freshest looking produce can be found here. A great Sockeye salmon lunch with a great view and we were fueled up for a long walk through Vanier Park and over Burrard bridge to the hotel.
Japanese Izakayas have opened all over Robson Street and we began our evening sampling Japanese tapas, beers, sakes and shozous at Hapa Izakaya. The tunes were pumping (the owner selects and puts the tracks together himself). *Need to hit this place again when we get back from Victoria. We ended up in an Irish pub off Granville (can you tell I’m with Raf) listened to some live music before heading back.
Day Three: We started the day with a light workout and 20 minutes in the steam room before heading out to China Town. We had heard it was 2nd in size to San Francisco but when we got there is seemed very deserted. No people yelling at tourists in the streets, no Gucci, Prada, watches, DVD… no fish markets spilling out over the sidewalks, didn’t seem like Chinatown at all. We were in for another surprise on the way to Gastown. People had warned us to stay away from Hastings street and although we did not seek it out intentionally, we had to cross it to get to our destination. Now, we have traveled extensively, been in many rough neighborhoods, but have never seen anything like this before. The sidewalks were packed with strung out people and flies. We passed through clouds of every kind of smoke. Okay, I’ll stop although that image is etched in my mind forever. It really was sad.
Passed through Gastown, took a pic with Gassy Jack and saw the last Steam Clock. We walked on the pier and watched the seaplanes landing with the beautiful mountains in the background until the rain started again. We walked through Pacific Center on the way back to change for dinner.
Tonight, we started in Yaletown at the Yaletown Brew Pub. Chose a seat outside to people watch and sample some of the brews. In search of another kewl place, we found George (not Bush) but George Ultra Lounge. The smell of mint permeated the bar, which was set up more like a kitchen than a bar. Those bartenders in Miami who complain about making mojitos all night should check this place out. The labor-intensive concoctions all looked so good and fresh I wanted to try them all. *Another place to come back to. Lol
(Pics are not as good as usual. It’s been cloudy and there is construction everywhere!)
On our way to Victoria this morning…wish you all were with us!

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